Dojo/Group Purchase

Earn yourself a FREE KATANA.

Learning iaido but can't afford your first katana? We understand your delimma...

We want to make it possible for anyone and everyone to be able to own one of our swords so we came up with this plan. Here is an opportunity to earn yourself a free katana, wakizashi, or iaito simply by helping us get the word out.

Coordinate a group purchase of 5 swords in your dojo or among your friends, and we will automatically send you a sixth, completely free of charge. (Including free shipping). There is nothing extra that you need to do... Just buy 5 in the same transaction and we will ship you 6.

The first five swords don't even need to be the same! (Example.. you can buy a Type 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 at regular or sale price, then receive a Type 4 katana free of charge).

Earn yourself a free sword,... or split the costs between you and 5 friends,... or complete the collection of our entire line and effectively save yourself 20% off the original purchase price.

(The 6th (free) sword must be of equal or less value to the lowest priced sword purchased among the first 5).

Terms and Conditions:

  • The purchase of the first 5 swords has to be conducted at the same time during the same purchase transaction. (Sorry, you can't spread the purchase of the first 5 swords out over time).
  • If you do not specify which sword you want for your sixth, we will send you one that is equivalent to the lowest priced one within your purchase.
  • Offer valid for purchases in multiple of 5 swords. (Buy 10 and receive 2 free, buy 15 and receive 3 free, etc..).
  • The 6th (free) sword must be of equal or lower in value to the lowest priced sword purchased among the first five.
  • Offer applicable to all Cheness live katana, live wakizashi, and unsharpened iaito.
  • No returns accepted. (ie. Return the purchased item and keep the free katana).
  • Not applicable to wholesale purchases.
  • All order must be shipped to the same address, unless with special arrangement approved, to avoid additional shipping charge on your expense.
  • Offer subject to termination at any time with or without notice.


All order must be shipped to the same address to apply $20 discount per item shipping charge. Multiple shipping addresses can be arranged with an additional shipping charge approved.


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