Selecting a sword by Length (sword type)

The blades that we carry comes in a variety of blade length and tsuka (handle) length. The following are examples of each blade length (type) and how they differ side-by-side.

Click on the image or link at any time to see all swords of that particular type.

SGC - Specialized Goza Cutters

These swords have an unique blade geometry specialized to deliver the best cutting performances for tameshigiri (test cutting) exercises while using Goza or Tatami omote mats.. CLICK TO SEE.


This type of swords are longer than a standard katana. The "O" literally means "Large". Usually longer than what can be drawn from the waist without twisting or pulling the scabbard. CLICK TO SEE.

Standard Katana

Standard length katanas with standard length handle for iaido practice. Essentially the longest length that can be drawn from the waist quickly. Blade lengths ranges from 27" to 30". CLICK TO SEE.

Iaito Katana

Same as our standard katanas except blunted on the cutting edge for form practice. Used in iaido or kendo or other forms of martial arts. Iaito katanas/ wakizashi both available. CLICK TO SEE.

Ko-Katana (Chisa Katana)

Shorter blade length than a standard katana but with a regular katana length handle. For use in tight quarters, fast drawing, or specialty martial arts, prevalent in karate dojos. CLICK TO SEE.

Wakizashi (Shoto)

Short blade ranging from 17" to 23" in length. Single handed (short) handle. As a standard secondary weapon. Used as primary weapon in specific katas (kendo). CLICK TO SEE.

Specialty Katanas

Katanas as ordered by specific dojos or federations outside of the standard range listed above. Non-standard blade, handle, scabbard, or sageo lengths or width. Including ninja swords. CLICK TO SEE.


Can be any of the katana lengths listed above. Shirasaya is used as a blade holder. Plain wood mountings for display or transport. Used as a disguised weapon by others. CLICK TO SEE.

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