Currently, we only take custom katana orders from Dealers and Wholesale customers. Depending on the degree of customization, we will have different minimum quantity requirements. We may also be able to accept custom orders from large group purchase or dojo purchases.

Our forge is capable of making blades using monosteel forge, wrapped core steel forge, damascus forge, cicada forge, sandwiched steel forge, as well as stainless steel (not recommended for cutting katanas).

1045 monosteel and stainless steel forge blades start at $99 per blade plus customization costs.
1060 monosteel and wrapped core steel forge blades start at $149 per blade plus customization costs.
Damascus folded forge blades start at $199 per blade plus customization costs.
Cicada forge blades start at $999 per blade plus customization costs.
Hand clayed hamon available at $30 per blade.

The level of customization would vary from simple to difficult and will affect pricing and lead times.

Basic Customization will be use of existing blades with customized fittings and colors available on market. This has the shortest lead time of 2 months and lowest additional costs and the smallest minimum order quantity requirement. MOQ of 100 blades.

Moderate Customization can adopt blade and handle length modification, tang length modifications, same skin wrap, and your custom designed fittings. This has a minimum lead time of 3 months and will have a higher MOQ at 250 swords. Additional costs for new cast required for custom fittings. You need to supply your own CAD or image designs for tsuba and fittings... we do not provide engineering services.

High Level Customization can include modification to blade length, width, depth, forge technique, sori, custom habaki, tsuba, polish level, same skin, colors, etc. The minimum lead time is determined case by case, MOQ is 500 blades, and and can incur the highest modification costs. Additional costs for new dies and casts may be required.

Developmental costs may be incurred and is required when developing prototypes. Upon approval, full payment is required at the time of order. Custom blades are non-exchangable and non-refundable. Sale, use, and results of use of customized items will be the responsibility of the buyer. Shipping and insurance to destination will be included in quotes. Once approved and in production, transaction will not be reversed and any claims for damages incurred in transit will be the responsibility of the buyer.

If you are interested in placing an order for customized blades, contact us directly via email or phone. Be sure to provide us with your full information.


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