Type 28 - "Shura" 9260 Spring Steel

Name "Shura"
Blade 9260 Silicon Alloy Carbon Spring Steel.
Overall Length (+ Saya) 42.5"
Treatment Full Hand Forged, Through Tempered, Oil Quenched, Hand Polished
Finish Tameshigiri Polish
Blade Dimension 28" Length, 0.3" Width, 1.25" Height
Sori (Curvature) 0.7"
Weight 2 lbs 5 oz (with fuller), 2 lbs 9 oz (without fuller)
Tsuba/Fuchi/Kashira Milled and Dyed Steel - Plain Mokko shape tsuba with no engravings.
Balance Point 5" above tsuba (with fuller), 6" above tsuba (without fuller)
Tsuka/Ho 11" Wood
Tsuka Ito Black Cotton
Mekugi 2 X Wood (Double Pinned)
Same Real Ray Skin Panel Wrap
Saya 30.5" Black Glossy Lacquered Medium Hardwood

There are many pictures and may take some time to load - Please be patient

This is the overall appearance of the sword. Shape of the tsuka (before drilling), and blade geometry. The Shura has our standard 28" in length from notch on habaki to kissaki. Solid width at 0.3" with a sori of 0.7".

The nakago (tang) on all our new standard blades have increased in taper and finished cleanly. Tsuba is blackened milled steel with a black dyed finish. Kashira and fuchi are matching blackened finish. Additionally, bo-hi geometry and kissaki have all been improved from our first generation blades.

Note: Third photograph down is a shot from the edge of the blade to show edge geometry.

Tsuka (Grip) and nakago (Tang) - Real same skin (Ray Skin) panel wrap over wood then wrapped in black cotton cord. Also note the new double wooden mekugi (Retaining Pin).

The tsuba (hand guard) of the Shura is a durable and smooth steel construction with tapered corners. No relief or engraving on the surface to scratch your knuckles. Simple, elegant, and extremely durable with a dyed finish. The ideal fitting for regular cutting exercises in your dojo.

The Shura is available in 2 versions. With fuller (bo-hi) and without. Both styles are identical but with very different behavior due to the difference in weight and CG distribution.

NOTE: We are using a modified heat treatement method on the second generation non-fullered version of this blade to improve the performance of the solid blade body. Heat treatment of the fullered version remains the same as those from the first generation.

Type 28 Katana - "Shura" - With Fuller (bo-hi)

Sale Price: $249.99
Regular Price: $499.99


Like our "Tenchi, the "Shura" katana uses our most durable material for its blade construction. The blade body is a 9260 silicon alloy carbon spring steel. It is finished with a clean and unetched blackened steel milled mokko shape tsuba. It is a simple design with no artwork on tsuba, fuchi, or kashira... elegance in simplicity and a tough blade to boot.

(The no-fuller version blade has a more forward center of gravity heavier weight. This type of blades have more lateral strength and are easier for tameshigiri from the weight and the reduced drag. Whereas the varient with fuller is better for kata practice, the no-fuller varient is better for cutting practices.)

Shura With Fuller (With Bo-hi)
Shura Without Fuller (No Bo-hi) -



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