Synthetic Samegawa Versions for International Orders

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Due to developments in export restrictions imposed by US Department of Fish and Wildlife, international shipping of katanas containing real stingray skin samegawa has become cost prohibitive for most overseas destination.

Stingray skin itself is not a prohibit item for US export, however, the associated costs incurred for inspection of outgoing shipments containing natural rayskin by USFWS is very substantial and makes international shipments for certain items practically impossible.

The following products are available in versions with natural as well as synthetic stingray skin, which can be shipped internationally without being subjected to USFWS requirements. Additionally, swords without rayskin components and available for international shipping will be on this page as well.

The steel and blades are exactly the same as those on the regular version with natural wild stingray skin. The only difference will be the rayskin panels and textured saya (All Synthetic rayskin will be black in color, combined with textured saya to aid identification of the specialized version).

**Length restrictions imposed by USPS and destination country restriction or prohibition will still apply. Product availability for international shipments to different countries will vary. For shipments going to countries with length restiction, third party freight forwarders will still be the only option.

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Tenchi Katana With Bo-hi
Tenchi Katana Without Bo-hi

Tenchi Wakizashi With Bo-hi
Tenchi Ko Katana With Bo-hi

33" O-Katana With Brown Ito
33" O-Katana With Blue Ito


Shirasaya Katana With Bo-hi
Shirasaya Katana Without Bo-hi

Shirasaya O-Katana With Bo-hi
Shirasaya Wakizashi With Bo-hi

NOTE: Some items available with wild natural stingray skin may be available to limited destination overseas. depending on presence of our resellers or agents, customer in Canada may order direct from us, customers in UK may order through our reseller.


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