New Upgraded Tsuka Core

All of our full length and extended length katanas now uses the upgraded tsuka core.

The core consists of a new higher grade hard wood with higher density for improved durability. The finish is more refined and tapered at the end. On each side of the core, there is a carved, grooved channel allowing for the panel wrap same skin to sit flush to the tuska. What this accomplishes is to allow for the cotton ito wrapping to flow more smoothly over the surface of the handle, which in turn, allows for a tighter wrapping.

Additionally, the new tsuka feels more oval to the grip allowing for the directionality of the blade to be felt... but not so much that it would hurt your palm over extended use.

Regardless of the tightness of the ito wrapping, the top and bottom surfaces of the tsuka is added with a layer of non-permanent rubbery adhesive to add traction to the ito so that the wrap would not slip from the core... even if the ito should lose tightness over time.

These new tsuka are fitted onto the nakago with two off-set mekugi pins entering from the opposite sides of the tsuka. The mekugi pins have also been updated by using only seasonally harvested (winter) bamboo that has been thoroughly cured. (We stockpile our mekugi bamboo over winter time so that we won't have to use the summer harvested bamboo which has several significant problems).

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